Standing L-R: Yawei Song, Marla Vega, Nilsa Graciani, Natalie Menard, Winner Bell, Thierry Fortune, Angela D. Moore, Rev. Jay Broadnax, Betzaida Medina Sasse, Evelyn Gonzalez
Seated L-R: Kate Mastalski, Charnita Ziegler-Johnson, Karen Glanz, Amy Leader

Over 50 people from health systems, cancer centers, academic institutions, community organizations, and cancer advocacy groups participated in the conference, which was hosted at the Audacy, Inc. headquarters.

The conference was convened by the newly formed city-wide cancer coalition, Philadelphia Communities Conquering Cancer (PC3). Launched in response to widespread and longstanding cancer disparities, PC3 aims to harness the resources of institutions and communities to promote initiatives that reduce the burden of cancer among Philadelhia residents.