Community Research Partner Training

PC3 Community Research Partner Training Program

The PC3 Community Research Partner Training program aims to educate and inform community members about the research process and how they can be involved in new and ongoing cancer-related research in the Philadelphia community. (Spring 2024 Cohort pictured)

Why is it important?

There are a lot of myths and concerns about research. From a series of community listening sessions, we learned that in order to build trust between marginalized communities and the research centers, it is very important to be transparent about how cancer research is done, especially in the community.

The 5-session training provided:

  • Knowledge of the cancer research process
  • Tools to find and share trustworthy information and resources with your communities
  • Experience in conducting research in the community
  • Networking and meeting people who are also passionate about their communities


If you are interested in learning more about the basics and process of cancer research, you can access these free online training materials and study them at your own convenience.

Community Partner Training

Community Partner Training

This training makes learning about human subjects protection easy and relevant, using real-world examples of community impact in research. Successful completion of this 2-hour training will provide you with a certificate.

CEAR Core - Community Partner Training

CEAR Core - Community Partner Training

This page provides more information on the Community Partner Training and includes links to the training registration, a user guide and training contact information.

Research Fundamentals

Preparing You to Successfully Contribute to Research.

This free comprehensive training package offers different ways to learn about the health research process and be involved in patient-centered outcomes research. It is designed to help you understand the language and logic of the research process in an engaging and easy-to-grasp way.

Module 1

Developing Research Questions

Module 2

Designing the Research Study

Module 3

Planning Patient-Centered Consent and Study Protocols

Module 4

Sampling, Recruiting, and Retaining Study Participants

Module 5

Understanding and Sharing Research Findings

The community members we work with:

  • Live or work in Philadelphia
  • Are motivated to learn more about cancer and community cancer research
  • Care about their community’s wellness

For more information about future training sessions or interest in collaboration opportunity, please contact us at